Michael has served as an associate-and co-producer on film and stage productions. He also assisted in various functions behind the scenes
and is known for his dedication to bring a compelling story to life.

Writer & Director: Christian Caputo
Co-Producer: Michael Leigh Cook
Winner: Orson Welles Award
(California Film Awards, 2015)

Runaway Pictures
Writer, Director: Michael Weinstein
Producer: Blake Brewer
Exec. Producer: Jim Hayes & Jonas Ferris
Associate Producer: Michael Leigh Cook
Winner: 27 international awards

Peter Jay Sharp Theatre at
Playwrights Horizons, New York
Writer, Director & Producer: Nichols Tolkien
Assoc. Producer & Male Lead Role
Michael Leigh Cook


Headshots 2022

as Claus von Bülow in Mansions & Murders (US -TV Series)

as Mr. Kraler (Victor Kugler) in
The Diary of Anne Frank (Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey)

as Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg in Mysteries at the Castle (US - TV Series)

as Ernest Scherer III. in Deadly Sins
(US - TV Series)

Historical Characters

with Michelle Forbes (Berlin Station - Premiere)

Behind the Scenes

with the 55th. Governor of New York, David Paterson

with director Valerie Finkel and cast, Los Angeles

with composer Bruno Valenti, Maria May and Madison Mullahey

as Karl Rahm in Terezin at Playwrights Horizons, NY
(with Morgan Reichberg)

as Walter Benjamin in When Walter meets Frau May Wong
with Alyssa Leanne So (US-Film)

on Set with Kayla Barr Hengami, Los Angeles

Three Men in the Snow with Achim Petry & Hans Hermann Müller